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Our Team, Our Mission: Pioneering the Future of Business Capital Access

With offices in New York and Charlotte, our team at Bridge fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration, dedicated to redefining the landscape of commercial lending and empowering businesses across the US.

Our results in numbers




Lender Partners


Borrowers & Lenders

$2 billion

Connection Volume

Bridge Marketplace (“Bridge”) is a ground-up initiative aimed to democratize lending. Our goal is to provide a platform to give your business easy access to capital sourced from banks, which is often the most efficient form of long-term financing for growth. Bridge uses technology to digitize and optimize the loan search and application process while providing your business with access to some of the most competitive terms on the market from these participating banks.

The core values behind everything we do


Create liquidity and gain
access to capital

We built this digital marketplace to open more doors for more businesses as they search for financial products and services.


Modernize how banks
and businesses meet

It’s time to move the golf course to the internet.
(We still like golf, but we think there’s a better, 21st-century way to connect borrowers with banks and bankers.)


Use technology for a more
effective user experience

Using Bridge, you only need to enter your business’s information once to gain access to many banks at once. Completing a single Request for Proposal (“RFP”) will answer the majority of the questions that each individual banker would ask about your business.


Connect local & regional businesses
with local & regional banks

We want to help you find in-market lenders who understand your business and your geography, as these lenders have the products and services you need to grow your business.

Meet our team members

We are a team of innovators who have built award-winning digital experiences and connected thousands of businesses with top financial institutions.

Caitlyn Berl

Caitlyn Berl

Client Success Manager


Caitlin Boyle

Vice President, Relationship Management

Donovan Campbell

Donovan Campbell

Product Owner

Lauren Gomez

Lauren Gomez

Vice President, Growth Marketing

Cam Lawler

Cam Lawler

Chief Technology Officer

Rohit Mathur

Rohit Mathur

Chief Executive Officer

Jay Nadeau

Jay Nadeau

VP, Sales & Relationship Management

Harte Thompson

Harte Thompson

Chief Operating Officer

Lauren Tilghman

Lauren Tilghman

Vice President, HR and Administration

Our partners

Our partnerships with distinguished industry leaders underscore our commitment to innovation and reach. These collaborations allow us to provide access to capital for a myriad of small- and medium-sized
businesses across the US.

Our investors

We are honored to collaborate with our partners, including industry leaders and disruptors, who share our vision and enhance our mission.​